Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2017

M&S A line skirtThe sun has got it’s hat on and it is starting to feel a bit more like spring!! AND the shops are filling up with new and interesting new clothes….


As always at this time of year there will be a few new styles and shapes of clothes available and although I am not a believer in following every fashion trend – only buy something if it flatters your body your colouring and your lifestyle – it is useful to know what is going to be in the shops for the next few months.


The top trends to look out for are:


Sleeves – lots of different looks, cuffs and styles


Ruffles – on everything!!


Skirts – oodles of different shapes (and lots with ruffles!)


Focus on waists – belts, wraps and tucked in tops


Trenchcoats – THE coat of the season….


Stripes and the colour pink


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