The Programme

Do you look at your wardrobe in the morning and scream, sigh or just despair?!

Understanding how clothes can enhance and flatter your body is amazingly empowering. We all know how fantastic it is to receive compliments and to feel comfortable with our outfit choices.

But how can you do this consistently?

The 3 big mistakes you are probably making with your wardrobe right nowGetting dressed can be challenging! Like many women, you may have enjoyed shopping for clothes in the past, but your life (and body!) have changed and now you’re more likely to buy on impulse, look online, grab something in the sales or repeat buy similar (safe) garments again and again!

You probably still have lots of clothes in your wardrobe but most of them are out of date or don’t fit, plus they just doesn’t feel “right” for your lifestyle any more. You may feel that you don’t have the time to get it right, so you end up “muddling along” and looking blankly at your wardrobe searching for inspiration.

AND then you have to go shopping…. Often panic buying clothes in desperation so that you can get out of the shops quickly, but then hating these clothes when you get home. HOWEVER you still end up keeping the garments, letting them gather dust in your wardrobe, because you couldn’t face going back to the shops!

In a world where we seem to be time poor, having the correct systems in place to dress quickly just makes sense. Wouldn’t it be great to go to your wardrobe, take out what you’re going to wear and just wear it? No debate, no panic, just certainty?

You might have read the style books by Gok and Trinny & Suzanna – but you’ve ended up more confused than ever. Events, parties, Christmas, holidays or just going to work, all fill you with dread because you have to find something to wear – If only there was an easy answer that could guide you to a wardrobe that was right for YOU?

If only……


How many of these quotes resonate with you?

pulling hair our

  • I want to look “interesting” not boring
  • My friends have got it right, but I haven’t
  • I’m a different shape after the kids
  • I’m a different shape after the menopause
  • I want to create the right impression at work, but I’ve no idea how
  • I ‘d like trendy things but I’m a nervous of standing out too much
  • I want to avoid that “mutton dressed as lamb” look
  • I go into a shop & I don’t even know where to start
  • Shopping takes so long – I don’t have the time
  • I want something that works but doesn’t cost too much
  • Jewellery and scarves are a mystery to me
  • I want to have enough in my wardrobe to create different looks

We all know that putting on and rejecting garments is really bad for our self-esteem and the way that we look at our bodies. Even celebrities don’t always get it right – think about how the magazines delight in criticising their red carpet frocks and beachwear!

But how can something apparently simple, like getting dressed, be SOOOOO frustrating?

Creating a fantastic wardrobe that is right for you, can be easy if you follow a simple, structured plan and you understand a few key style principles. So if you are confused about your clothes, hate shopping and are fed up with making bad purchases I have the perfect solution for your stylish new wardrobe.


My name is Gail Morgan and for more than 25 years I have had the pleasure of advising women on the best clothes, colours and styles  to wear – helping them to look and feel fabulous. This programme contains all the information (and more!) that I share with my private, one to one clients – giving you the opportunity to learn the insider style secrets at a fraction of the usual cost.


the wardrobe that worksThe Wardrobe That Works 8 Step Programme

Remember what it was like when you were a child and dressing up was a game? That is what getting dressed should always be like – understanding and enjoying your clothes really can be fun – honestly!

Let me reassure you – this programme is not all about wearing the latest fashions.  It is about finding a style that WORKS for YOU whilst being aware of the latest trends – so you don’t look frumpy or feel like people are looking at you – for the wrong reasons!

It is a plan of campaign for your wardrobe that will save you time, money and stress whilst allowing you to feel in control AND look amazing!

I have developed this easy to follow 8 step programme to help you create The Wardrobe That Works for YOU.



After the successful completion of the programme you will be able to:


  • wardrobe that worksEnjoy stress-free shopping as the whole experience becomes easier and more successful
  • Stop wasting money on clothes that just sit in your wardrobe and make you feel bad
  • Open your wardrobe doors feeling happy and confident- knowing that you have options
  • Stop those desperation shopping trips AND the panic buys
  • Ease the pressure, because you will understand what to buy and wear for different occasions
  • Stop hiding bags of discarded shopping from your partner
  • Stop making expensive mistakes
  • AND look effortlessly stylish….

So if you want to become effortlessly stylish, The Wardrobe That Works 8 step programme will cover the following essential elements:


STEP ONE– Discover Your Style:

This stage is vitally important because you will evolve during the programme and having a clear understanding of your personal style will allow you to feel comfortable and confident in your clothes. This knowledge is essential to help you create your new wardrobe.

STEP TWO– Colour:

This forms the basis of any versatile wardrobe. When you understand which colours flatter you AND how to build your wardrobe around a few key colours, you will be able to shop quickly and confidently, plus co-ordinate your clothes easily to create new outfits.


Acknowledging your body shape and understanding the clothes that fit and flatter you is life changing. Gain the confidence to try different styles, get the compliments you deserve and stop wearing clothes that hide your body.

STEP FOUR – Accessories:

Vital for interesting outfit creation. Often ignored, effective accessorising truly is THE secret ingredient to simple style, so that you can stand out for all the right reasons and let your style be the envy of your friends.

STEP FIVE – Underwear and Swimwear:

Essential to completing your look. Having the right foundations in place will give you confidence whatever you wear – whether you are going to a meeting, to a party or sunbathing on holiday.

STEP SIX – Wardrobe Management:

Add variety to your wardrobe and create your own capsule wardrobe. We will work together to enable you to discard the clothes that need to go, resulting in fewer garments but many more outfit options.

STEP SEVEN – Successful Shopping:

Make it fast, easy and enjoyable. You won’t be intimidated by shops any more AND you will stop spending your weekends traipsing around the shops, getting more and more overwhelmed.

STEP EIGHT–The finishing touches:

Now you know what to buy and how to wear it, let’s celebrate your success by discussing the importance of hair, make-up and grooming.

I’ve always enjoyed buying and wearing clothes but before taking TWTW course my wardrobe was a bit of a mess! It was hit or miss whether or not I felt great in my clothes and I spent a silly amount of time trying to figure out how to accessorise my outfits. I really enjoyed the course, there was a lot of information but it was shared in manageable chunks so I could easily fit it in each week. It was easy to access online and the experiential exercises were very useful. Now my clothes are beautifully organised and I look better because I’m dressing in a way that flatters my body and suits my personality. I spend less time faffing when getting dressed and I’m feeling more confident. I’m also getting more compliments – it’s a win!
Tara, Nottingham.



How Does The Programme Work?

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…..


  1. A new style step to learn and implement every week – Your first step is available as soon as you book your place on the programme.
  2. A monthly, Q&A call to discuss your progress and your changing wardrobe – The calls are held once a month, usually on the first Monday and Tuesday at either 1pm or 7pm UK time to give you more accountability, help and support!! Check out the dates here
  3. A private Facebook group to share your successes with me and your virtual support team – Immediate access as soon as you register.

italian bagsSpread over 8 weeks the style steps have been broken down into easy to digest, manageable topics. Each week you will be asked to watch and read some information that has been designed to show you what to do. You will then have a variety of tasks to complete, allowing you to keep on track and helping you to achieve the wardrobe that you really want. You will also have lifetime access to all the information when the programme has finished, if you ever need to check any details in the future.

To support your learning, there will be a monthly group call. These Q&A sessions will be invaluable as you discover how you can implement your new found knowledge into actual garments and outfits. It will also give you the opportunity to interact and learn from the other participants on the programme.

If you can’t make a session for whatever reason then don’t worry as they will be recorded and you can listen back afterwards. The private Facebook group will provide ongoing support between calls and for months afterwards.


By approaching your wardrobe transformation in this supportive way you will be able to learn at a steady pace whilst being secure in the knowledge that in 2 months you will have created the style foundations for the rest of your life.

You will have a far greater understanding of how, when and where to shop; you will know the colours, shapes and styles that work for your body; you will create a capsule wardrobe that is right for your lifestyle and you will be able to confidently create outfits and accessorise them!


So what is the cost of this life-changing Wardrobe That Works Programme?

The investment for this programme is just £98 – a mere snip when you consider the number of ‘bad buys’ or clothes hanging in your wardrobe with the tags still attached.


The Wardrobe That Works Programme £98 



VIP Offer

Do you want even more personal support and advice? Then grab one of these special places – in addition to The Wardrobe That Works programme, you will also receive a private 1 hour Skype session with me to discuss your wardrobe and to include a Colour Analysis Session plus a personal colour swatch sent to you in the post – helping you to organise your wardrobe AND look amazing!  Cost is £170


The Wardrobe That Works VIP Programme £170




My Guarantee and promise to you… plus your commitment

Satisfaction GuaranteeOn the programme I will be sharing numerous style secrets and simple strategies to help you look fabulous. You will receive templates and check lists to help organise your wardrobe and top tips on creating The Wardrobe That Works for You.

However this is not a “Done it for you Programme” – you will need to participate and take action – utilising what you have learnt in order to see results. Your success will depend on your commitment to tackling your wardrobe gremlins once and for all.

I promise to deliver high quality advice, solutions and support to you through this journey.

Ready to book your place?

To grab a place on this transformational programme you can either book online or call me directly to pay by card or BACs.

To book online – please press one of the “Buy Now” buttons

To book by phone – please call 01442 262696

If you want to ask a question or discuss anything with me before booking please schedule an appointment with me so that we can both ensure that this is the right programme for you. Please book a time in my online diary to schedule a phone or Skype call with me. Or email me –


What clients say about working with Gail….


BEFORE I met Gail I would stand in front of my wardrobe wondering what to wear, I made knee jerk purchases, based around items that were baggy enough to hide my bottom and were a reasonable price.  I felt frumpy and like I had been left behind. 

Gail inspired me and in turn it has had a huge impact on my life and the life of my family, because I began to gain confidence and flourish once more – all because I got my wardrobe and my clothes working for me. 

And so now, with Gail’s help I feel I have nailed the fundamentals of being a woman.  I have clothes that make me feel great.  I wear everything I own and I add key pieces to my wardrobe that I know will work for me in the future.  AND I have created my own signature style that people compliment me about!





Juliet Jacobs, Virtual Assistant, Hertfordshire

Five years ago I was returning to work after maternity leave. Life had changed massively – a different figure, a job that would require smart but creative work wear and hectic lifestyle juggling work and looking after a baby. Using Gail has literally revolutionised my life, ridding me of all the clothes that weren’t right for my colouring or figure. Five years on, I live by the guidance she gave me, saving me hundreds of pounds in fashion mistakes and hours deliberating about what to wear and I now have a confidence boost everytime someone says how good I look. I feel better than I have in years and after my second baby I have enjoyed people telling me how well I look rather than how tired – a regular comment after my first baby! Personally I think this down to wearing the clothes and colours that bring out the best in me.





Louise Major, Account Director, Igloo Creative


When you are ready to take action and create The Wardrobe that Works for YOU please hit the button below!



The Wardrobe That Works Programme £98

VIP Programme £170