The Wardrobe That WorksHave you experienced a big change in your life recently but feel that your wardrobe hasn’t kept up with these changes?!

  • You may have left the corporate world to have kids, care for a relative or retire
  • You may have changed jobs, career or set up your own business
  • You may have lost or gained weight
  • Your relationship status may have changed
  • Or you may be approaching a BIG Birthday!

All of these situations can make us seriously question our clothing choices and dent our confidence as we wonder what is appropriate for us to wear. It is important for you to feel that your wardrobe reflects who you are NOW – but where and how to start this transition without spending huge amounts of money on the wrong items?

Introducing The Wardrobe That Works Programme

– A simple 8 step process to help you create a versatile, interesting, and flattering wardrobe that WORKS

– for YOUR life, YOUR body and YOUR budget.


Find out how you can STOP wasting time and money on disastrous clothes purchases!